How to Help

The main thing you can do to help the over population of unwanted animals is to have ALL your pets spayed &/or neutered. PLEASE do not add to the overwhelming population of homeless pets. By adding more, you are keeping many homeless or allowing them to die. Also by adopting from a rescue or shelter you are rescuing an already homeless animal verses encouraging the breeding of more. Unfortunately, MANY purebreds find themselves without loving homes just the same as our mixed friends. 25% of animals in shelters are purebred. Look for a breed specific rescue group if you must have purebred.

NEVER buy from a pet store selling puppies.
No "reputable" breeder would sell puppies to a store to sell to just anyone with the money. See more on puppy mills HERE

We will always need monetary donations to cover the cost of extensive veterinary bills (Select disease testing, vaccinations, deworming medication, spay/neuter, flea prevention medication..... are performed, age appropriate, prior to a pet leaving Joyful Rescues - not to mention the unforseen expenses.. illness, surgery, etc...), food, supplies and daily animal care. We also incur additional utility expenses with heating, laundry, fans, etc......

Please consider sending just a little. Every little bit helps more than you know. All donations are tax deductible. See our Contact Page for address if sending via mail.

You may make your monetary donation directly to our veterinary bills at Rasey Animal Hospital in Westons Mills, NY 14788. We have $1,000s & $1,000s in vet bills every month.

Your tax deductible donations also allow us to assist pet owners, showing a true financial need, get the veterinary care their pets need. We have been able to have several home-owned pets spayed/neutered with our donations in turn helping the general over-population of animals. Due to our generous public, we have also been able to save the lives of some of our wonderful rescue animals whose injuries or illnesses were beyond our financial reach. You saved their lives with your donations!!

Please send your donations today to help Joyful Rescues provide the very best for these displaced, lost and neglected animals!! They need you & we can't do what we do without the help of people like you!! Thank you so much from every furry heart out there!



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